Amy Grixti - Professional Organizer

Amy Grixti - Professional Organizer

It starts with a plan.

I am an single mother to a wonderful boy who motivates me to be the best me that I can be. After becoming depressed and unhappy at my job, I tried to think of a job that I could enjoy long term.

In my depression, I reached a low point that motivated me to make a change. It started small. 
Without even thinking, I emptied one of my closets dusted the shelf and vacuumed the floor. Then I took stock of my possessions and kept only those that brought me joy. The reorganized closet was beautiful to behold. It was tidy, spacious and functional.

A couple days later, I was strolling through Chapters, and this book was sticking out from its row, practically calling my name.  A how-to manual about running a business as a professional organizer. I reflected on my organized closet and came to a realization. This is my calling. 

I find peace, relaxation and total joy in a spacious environment.  I feel abundant in happiness and mental health when I have no clutter.  I love that feeling so much that I want to share it with everyone!

The Spotless Mind Mission

Incite happiness by creating stress-free spaces through organizing, cleaning and renovation. 

The Spotless Mind Values

We Bring Balance 

We value time and relationships. Your home is for your family, we want to be sure you have the room and time to enjoy that. 

We Love Planet Earth

We reuse, re-purpose, and recycle. We only use products that are kind to the Earth.

We Are All About Honesty

We value our clients and will be completely upfront about cost, time estimates and expectations.

We Are Energized by the Final Results

Attention to detail and superior standards leads to breathtaking results. We are driven to create a WOW reaction, bringing joy to our clients and ourselves. 

We Focus on You

Changes and reorganizing of your environment are made with your needs and requirements as a top priority. We help your space work for you.